Girl Riding A Horse To The McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Wouldn’t it be fun to ride your horse wherever you go instead of driving? Riding it in meadows, on the street, or even at McDonald’s would be a memorable experience. This is exactly what the girl in our video did. Even if others disagree, because accidents do happen, we believe that doing so even once is worthwhile.

There are a few exceptions, but it’s rare that you’ll be able to ride a horse in a city street due to concerns about public safety, animal welfare, automobile safety, and the need to clean up after horses graze.
Horseback riding is not recommended on many of our country roads, which are small and winding and have tall walls or hedges that prevent automobiles from seeing each other until it’s too late. Large potholes on other roads cause traffic to merge into each other’s lanes, making it difficult for both drivers and riders to get around them.

Driving too fast or honking excessively around turns might startle a horse before they are even in sight since overconfident drivers tend to do these things. Others don’t seem to grasp the fact that horses are frightened and lack self-control, and they nearly graze them even when they are well off the side of the road. Some drivers are calm and give horses plenty of room (they presumably don’t want blood on their bumpers!). As a bonus, horse hooves on pavement wreak havoc, obscuring any noises that may alert you to a dangerous driver’s approach.

There are still dangers even if the roads are perfectly safe, with complete 360-degree vision, and only 5 cars per week use them on average You may be confident that the only car scheduled to pass on that route on that day will come by when you’re in there and not a minute earlier!

Check the video below!