Horse And Cat Have Been Friends For The Last 7 Years, Here Are 18 Pics Of Them

In life, friends can come in all shapes and sizes. This is especially true for cats and equines. Did you know that cats and horses can be close friends? We have some perfect reasons for you to explain why, and we guarantee that you will look at your relationship from a new perspective after taking a look at the following photos. In this article, you will witness the perfect friendship between a horse named Champy and a cat named Morris.


The owner, Jennifer Boyle states for Bored Pand: ” I’d really like to sleep in on the odd occasion, but my cat Morris insists on going out to see his best friend Champy the horse at the first hint of light. Champy and Morris have been besties for over seven years now. I found Morris at a rescue shelter and when I brought him home, Champy insisted on becoming his best buddy.


Morris jumped up on his back and he happily took him for rides around the paddock. Now it’s become their morning ritual. Morris typically jumps on from a fence post which has now been dubbed his “bus stop.” If Champy sees Morris waiting at a “bus stop,” he comes on over for him to jump on board. They often greet each other before Morris jumps on. Champy is a very friendly bus.”


Although cats are not social animals like horses, they are attracted by curiosity. If we know something about cats, it is that they are naturally curious. Cats do not always like dogs because of their self-confident nature, but although horses are social animals like dogs, their calm personality will attract cats.


Cats are attracted to horses because they are not a threat. Remember, horses are instinctively programmed by their favorite fears. Although cats are much smaller, horses will avoid any creatures that bring danger to their hearts. In most cases, cats will not let them feel this way, which will create curiosity between the two animals to establish a friendship.


They are very sensitive creatures. These animals are not only intuitive but also very sensitive creatures. They are driven by fear, which means loud sounds and sudden movements. Think about your own relationship in life. Will you be attracted to people similar to you?


The same can be said for cats and horses, they are a perfect match outside of their own kind! Cats and horses are very sensitive and can discover all kinds of nuances that humans often overlook. Like horses, cats will show general vigilance in the face of humans … especially those that appear suspicious.


They Both Love To Play! Okay, okay, we know dogs play too. But remember that for the purposes of this article, we focus strictly on the relationship between cats and horses. For cats and equines, play is their top priority. In nature, wild cats and wild horses spend most of their time playing.


Both cute creatures are particularly drawn to their natural elements. Being connected to the environment and the world around you will bring you a lot of happiness. Let us know your opinion and don’t forget to share the lovely photos with your friends and family!