Bored Horse Decides To Entertain Himself And He Loves It

We may have a future tetherball superstar on our hands, it appears. Watch this video to see a bay horse in action. He appears to have mastered the art of twirling his ball around as he stands in his stall, to the delight of everyone around him. This little guy is so adorable! There are a wide variety of stall toys for sale, and these balls are just a few of them. In the event that your horse spends long periods of time in his or her stall, toys can be an excellent way to keep the animal amused. Toys like these help horses who are overly excitable find an outlet for their pent-up energy.

When horses are forced to rest in stalls to heal from injuries, boredom can set in quickly. When a horse is bored, he or she may engage in undesirable behavior, such as weaving, cribbing, or wood-chewing.. Stalled horses can be kept busy in a variety of ways, as detailed by Horse Junkies United. A simple way to keep your horse entertained when he is unable to go outside is to use toys, such as the ball shown in the video.

Stall resting horses can be kept occupied with slow-feeding hay nets. In order for a horse to get the most out of its hay meal, these nets make it more difficult to eat at a rapid pace. In addition to keeping your horse happier and healthier, these nets mimic a horse’s natural grazing pattern by allowing him to eat at a more leisurely pace.

Don’t overlook the benefits of a buddy system, either. The presence of other horses provides comfort to horses, who are herd animals. The presence of another horse in the barn can make stall rest more bearable for many horses. To keep a horse entertained while on stall rest, you may have to think outside the box. Large, hard blocks to lick are included in some horse food toys, which can keep horses entertained for longer periods of time.

If your horse gets bored with a single toy, try rotating it in and out. Although they aren’t toys, some horses enjoy playing with non-toy items such as road traffic cones. To keep your horse entertained, you may need to try a few different things. Persistence, however, will pay off.

Check the video below!