Rider Decides To Record Her Epic Riding Experience On Camera

On the Rolex cross-country course, have you ever imagined what it would be like to ride one of the world’s most talented horse athletes? You can now observe the course from the perspective of a rider owing to helmet cams. During Rolex 2016, rider Elisa Wallace recorded this video of her experience aboard Simply Priceless. Seeing the fences up close gives you a sense of exactly how daunting they are and how long the horse and rider must gallop to complete the course in the time limit.

Rolex is a three-day, four-star tournament that takes place every year in Lexington, Kentucky. Some of the world’s best event horses and riders will compete at this important event. Rolex is the only four-star event competition routinely hosted in the Western Hemisphere, according to the competition’s official website.

Eventing involves three distinct phases, each of which occurs on a separate day. Horse and rider must perform a complex set of moves with great precision in the first phase. The horse’s movement, fluidity, and rhythmic cadence are all taken into consideration while evaluating the rider’s signals.

The cross-country course is on the second day. Large, sturdy obstacles are spaced out over a natural outdoor course for horses and riders to negotiate. A failure to finish the course within the allotted time will result in time penalties, lowering their overall ranking.

Final show-jumping phase awaits horses and riders the following day after completing the challenging cross-country race Because they can be knocked over with the brush of a hoof or a leg, they must be extremely careful when crossing towering fences. The three-day event, which was created to be the ultimate challenge for horse and rider, is a true test for the world’s top equestrian athletes. Final score determines who wins the battle between horse and rider.

Rolex is a goal for some riders for the rest of their careers. As a rider, you have a unique perspective on this once-in-a-lifetime event thanks to this helmet-mounted video camera

Check the video below!