3-Year-Old Little Girl Shows Off Her Riding Skills By Handling Her Huge Horse

Sianna grew up on her family’s ranch in Caldwell, Idaho, around horses when she was just 3 years old. Her father’s treasured mare, a 16.3 hands horse, piqued her interest at an early age, so she began to ride. Her bond with the horse was captured in a viral video from 2011. A trot and a lope are among the skills the two perform together, under the watchful eye of her mother. Children and animals often create long-lasting relationships that are difficult for adults to grasp. There have been many books and movies written about this form of relationship since it is one of the most treasured.

A video of a young girl and a half-horse gives a stunning illustration of this kind of relationship. Sianna grew up in a stable full of horses, so it wasn’t long before one of them piqued her interest. Cessna, her father’s 6-year-old half-hand horse, became a favorite of little Sianna. When we watch the movie, we witness a young girl and her horse doing things that a youngster would normally be unable to accomplish. An activity known as “lunging” is a form of horseback riding in which the rider rides around a horse in a circle while holding onto a lunge line. The horse gets lots of exercise while learning the basics of obedience.

She clings onto the line as Cessna circles her in a circle, following the orders given by tiny pulls on the rope as Sianna watches. As soon as Cessna feels Sianna’s powerful pull on the rope, she knows it’s time to take a break and wait for new orders. A usual response to this is to have the dog lunge in the opposite direction. The horse’s balance and flexibility will improve if this exercise is done correctly. This is a great time to monitor the horse’s gait while he or she is getting fitter. In addition to benefiting the horse, lunging helps the rider become more confident in their ability to control the horse and lessens their anxiety of equestrian riding.

Cessna’s mother helps Sianna onto the horse and it’s time for her to ride it. Seeing a small child so adept at riding a horse is truly awe-inspiring to me. It’s not safe for Sianna to ride Cessna without a proper saddle, yet she has learnt how to do it. People watching the video may wonder why Sianna is just not wearing a helmet. In the video’s description, her mother claims that Sianna had already ridden the horse before filming began and was simply reenacting the incident for the purpose of demonstration. Even though she hadn’t remembered to give her a helmet, her mother was always close by.

Despite the few safety risks, it is amazing to watch Sianna ride this horse with such finesse. She walks around the stable for a short time before moving into a trot. Tracing a diagonal gait, the horse moves to a silent rhythm as it goes. Sianna’s face lights up as Cessna frolics around the stable, and her expression is one of sheer happiness.

Sianna’s mother demands a Lope after the trot, which is a slower version of horseback riding averaging 8-12 mph. Fortunately, Sianna did not collapse during this presentation, and she appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself. This video clearly demonstrates the beauty of the relationship between a youngster and an animal. People around the world have been moved by the touching video of Sianna and her horse.

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