Baby Horse Smiles While Being Pet On His Neck

One of the cutest things in the horse world is definitely young foals. The moments that they are born are some of the best moments in an equestrian’s life as they bring a lot of positivity in the barn, it is like the future of a horse that you have probably spend a lot of time with. Not only for the owner but to imagine the excitement for the mare as well.

After all, the mothers of all species are definitely the same as they would protect their children at all costs, that is why mothers are usually more connected to children than fathers are when the children are very young. I remember one mother horse who would not even let her child get close to her stallion because she was so overprotective of their baby.

I mean, it is very understandable as newborn children or animals are the most innocent creatures in the world and usually they do all have kind hearts and they like being close to other people as well. I am not referring only to horses but to other animals as well. I remember a cat who became very aggressive towards my friend as he tried to get close to her baby kitten. It is simply a natural instinct.

However, there is no place for discussion about the fact that young creatures are the biggest blessings in the world. This one in our video is definitely one of the most beautiful baby foals that you have probably ever seen. He is actually a little more special compared to other baby foals as well as he has an effective smile that fills the whole place with positive energy, such a young creature but that has a great impact on your emotional standing.

No wonder why it is highly recommended to make your children spend some time with young horses or baby foals as they will make them feel better emotionally. If this smile is not one of the cutest things that you have ever seen, then I don’t know what else can. Please watch this adorable video below and let us know what you think about it.