Man Gently Rescues The Wild Horse Stuck In A Fence

The wild horse was stuck in a fence placed on Green Mountain in Wyoming. The guy who was trying to save the horse, first cut the wires so that the horse could move his legs. Even though the wild horse was finally free, she couldn’t manage to get up on her feet.  The poor horse had been stuck for such a long time that she lost strength on her leg.

The rescuer named Tony looked after her and gave her water. He then wanted to remove the strap underneath her legs while another woman, called Taren was trying to calm her by holding her down. After he gently wrapped her legs with the straps, the horse got on his feet immediately and started walking fast.

The very next day the wild horse was spotted in good conditions walking side by side with her baby. We all appreciate this amazing gesture that these people did, especially nowadays where most of the people would have ignored the poor horse. They did a pretty good job, although they didn’t have very much knowledge about horses.

This video was so intense but we feel very well now, knowing that it had a happy ending. We are all praying that the wild horse and his foal are doing fine now. By watching these videos we got the message that we always should be kind and help others in need, especially animals who at moments are in difficult situations. Please take a look at the video, let us know your opinion, and don’t forget to share it!