Meet The 5 Majestic Golden Coat Horse Breeds

Horses come in so many beautiful colors that sometimes it’s even difficult to name all of them. But amongst all these wonderful colors, there is a unique coat color who is also known as a shimmering golden coat and is seen on the Akhal-Teke horse. Even though the Akhal-Teke horses are the most popular golden horses in the world, there are also some other horse breeds who have too beautiful golden coats. Below we are going to show you some of them. Keep reading!


Akhal Teke horses look just like they come out of a fairytale due to their unbelievable beauty. Their coat is quite shimmering and their lines are so beautiful. Akhal Tekes come from Turkmenistan and are recognized as powerful, restless, and energetic horses. The first ancestors of Akhal-Teke were golden, but now these unique horses come in a wide variety of colors including bay, chestnut, palomino, gray, raven black and dun. They were used principally by nomadic tribesmen of Turkmenistan for transportation but nowadays you can found them in different disciplines such as dressage, showjumping, general riding, and long-distance racing. This breed of horse is recognized all over the world for its speed, strength, endurance, and of course, its grace.


While very unusual, the American Quarter Horse has a few members who hold the “Champagne” horse bloodline. This gene allows a horse who would usually be a chestnut, to rather be a glittering gold. The champagne gene is prevailing and will reduce black to brown and red to gold. While all of the diluted champagne colors can have a remarkably bright coat, it is the red-based horses whose coats turn into golden. The breed’s reputation rises from its many positive features, such as its gentle nature, versatility, grace, coordination, and dedication. Quarter horses are suitable for all sorts of riders and owners, as they succeed to be well-intended with people and simple to train. We all know to be very thriving racehorses, but they are also excellent working farm horses or family pets as well. They have a powerful structure and come in various colors but sorrel is the most widespread.



The American Paint Horse is the simplest breed to identify due to their beautiful markings. Paint horses are also recognized for their generous energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and can be instantly disciplined and managed, making an outstanding horse for the amateur riders. Due to all these amazing features, the American Paint Horse is a pleasure to work within all sorts of disciplines, and beyond that, they are the ideal partner outside of the sport. The American Paint is also one of those horses who possess a golden coat. Just like their Quarter Horse relatives, the American Paint Horse has champagne painted horses. When searching for a gold champagne American Paint Horse, you get the bonus of not only the wonderful gold coat but also the distinguished white spots that are the symbol of the American Paint Horse design.


Tennessee Walking Horses are known all over the world for their excellent gaits and they are the perfect breed for many horse fans who are looking for a delicate ride. They have demonstrated their astonishing skills on several trails and also on the show ring. It doesn’t matter where they are, on trails or in the competitions, this breed will definitely stand out from the others. Gaited horses, like the Tennessee Walker, usually come in the glittering gold coat color too. What’s more impressive is the fact that the Tennessee walking horse is the primary breed of horse to hold a state name. If you are looking for a horse breed that is both easy to ride and wonderful to look at, the Tennessee Walker might be the appropriate horse for you.


Another excellent gaited golden horse breed is also the American Saddlebred. It’s not uncommon to see a wonderful five-gaited gold champagne horse. The American Saddlebred is an All-American horse breed with its roots in Kentucky. In fact, this breed of horse was ridden by famous American generals. Created in 1891, The American Saddlebred is America’s leading and oldest breed! Most Saddlebreds are helpful and loving horses, especially when they operate with humans. These horses are very smart, and they also really appreciate humans’ company, so they make the ideal guide horses. Thanks to their kind and patient nature, they are very ready to discover new things and have a high ambition to be trained.