Naughty Guard Horse Loses Control During The Event

Teaching our horses proper manners takes a long time, especially if they are wild horses who aren’t used to being around people. Horses are herd animals, which means they are accustomed to living in large groups and may have a tough time transitioning to a new way of life. It’s important to remember that when there are a lot of horses involved in an event.

Even if they were born as tamed horses, they have a natural instinct to keep close to each other. It’s less well-known than the Buckingham Palace changeover, but the Queen’s Life Guard is changed in a more personal setting, with no barricades separating the public from the guards.

Horse Guards, which stands at St. James’s Palace and Buckingham Palace’s ceremonial entrance, has been home to a regiment of the British Army since the Restoration in the mid-1600s. There are two troops on duty at all times. Mounted guards are swapped for foot guards at 4 p.m., known as the Dismounting Ceremony or Four o’Clock Parade.

It also includes an officer’s inspection as a result of an incident in 1894. One afternoon, Queen Victoria allegedly found the entire Guard intoxicated, gambling, and otherwise dispensing with their responsibilities. For her part, the Queen requested a daily inspection for one hundred years as punishment, according to Guided Walks in London. Although the deadline has passed, the rite is still performed out of respect for tradition.

In light of the fact that the situation was so important that words fail to do it justice, I urge you to view the film and see for yourself what I mean. Hope this never happens at an event of this caliber.

Check the video below!