Horse Shows Emotions Around Casket After His Owner Passed Away

At the tender age of 34, Wagner Figueiredo de Lima was killed in a car accident in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. His horse, Sereno, was one of those loved ones; the two had a deep bond.
For Lima’s funeral, many of Lima’s closest friends and family were in attendance. Sereno’s brother, Wando, agreed that he should be part of the parade.

During the ceremony, no one expected what happened. Sereno seemed to recognize the van carrying the casket as the one that brought his best friend’s body. “Smelling the coffin, Sereno began to stroll around it. Then he neighed “According to Kyioshi Abreu, a participant at the event. “An overwhelming sense of awe and wonder filled me. Everyone in the audience was deeply affected by the experience. When I observed that picture, I burst into tears “There is a debate about whether or not animals are capable of experiencing loss.

According to Wando, the horse seemed to be aware of what was going on. He had one last wish: to say his goodbyes. Wando stated, “This horse meant the world to [Lima].” The two were considered to be inseparable. After Lima’s funeral, Sereno and the rest of the mourners proceeded to Lima’s final resting place together.

Wando noted that Sereno appeared to be in a state of distress. Throughout the trip to the graveyard, the horse mooed and stomped his hooves.

As a way to cope with their grief, Wando and his family have adopted the horse. There is no doubt that this horse will have the support of his new owners as he grieves for his human companions.